2019 Contest Rules

The Tri-State Post 6 Mine Rescue Contest will be governed by current National Mine Rescue Rules adopted in 2019 with the exceptions for this local contest listed below.

  1. Participants must remain in Lock-up at all times unless under a contest official's escort. Absolutely no visitors allowed.
  2. Cell phones or other electronic devices such as computers, tablets, computer monitors, etc. are strictly prohibited in the lock-up areas on the days of competition. Violators will not place in the competition results.
  3. All ventilation builds (except for overcasts and line curtains) will be accomplished by the use of shortened plastic brattice "curtains". These curtains measure approximately 14 inches from top to bottom and the width of the entry/crosscut. You will be installing them by the use of clips pre-attached to each end of the curtain. The clips can be fastened to or loosened from plastic electric fence post that will form the field outline addition plastic fence post will be provided at brattice cloth locations on the field for teams to use when building. Please note that in National Mine Rescue Rules any build moved from one location to another must be totally disassembled to move so the clips on the curtains will need to be unhooked from the plastic fence post to accomplish this. Some additional supports may be roof bolts that will be part of the block and they are not to be removed. This will eliminate the handling of wooden frames. No nails are permitted on the working field.
  4. All instruments will be checked at the fresh-air base. They can then be powered off.
  5. The map used by the Map Man is of Mylar material which is not affected by inclement weather.
  6. The Pre-Shift Contest will be held at the Smoke Simulator Building. Pre-Shift reports will take place under guard at the two off shoots on the side of the Field #1. A Maximum of 20 mins. will be allowed.
  7. The BG-4 PSS Plus and Bio-Marine 240R will be used for the Bench competitions and R/Z- 25 testers and 6100 TestiTs test units will be available for use by the BG-4 bench contestants.
  8. For those teams that choose to utilize radios rather than communication reels, see programming requirements below.

Radio Programming Requirements

The 2019 National Mine Rescue Rules state that the radios must have 12 channels programmed and functional. Before the team is dispatched to the field, the judge will assign a channel for use by the team during the working of the problem.

Each team may utilize frequencies assigned at lock up within the VHF or UHF bands. Again, just make sure that 12 of the channels on the radios are functional for the competition.

The Visio Mapping System detailed in 2019 NMR Rules will be available for use as it was last year at the Post 6 Mine Rescue Contest. Remember that if there are two in the blind the computer map must be filled out and it’s up to the team to decided which map,(the B/O or CCA map is to be scored) the second person in the blind is not there to just help on ventilation.