2018 Contest Details

Tri-State Post 6 - Ohio Valley Mine Rescue Contest

Date: June 5th , 6th, 7th, 2018

Location: ODNR Mine Training Center, 43024 Industrial Park Rd. Cadiz, OH 43907

Contest Events:

  • First-Aid, Bench, and Pre Shift — Tuesday, June 5th
  • Social Event – Dinner — Sally Buffalo Park — Tuesday evening, June 5th
  • 1st Day Mine Rescue — Wednesday, June 6thh
  • 2nd Day Mine Rescue and Awards Banquet — Thursday, June 7th

Registration Fees:

  • 2 Days Mine Rescue Option — $800 (Per Team)
  • 1 Day Mine Rescue Option — $500 (Per Team) —Team must compete Wed June 6th
  • First Aid — $100 (Per Team)
  • Bench — $100 (Per Contestant)
  • Pre Shift — $100 (Per Contestant)
  • Awards Banquet — $35 (Per Person)
The registration Deadline will be Thursday, May 10th, 2018. The Mine Rescue Contest will be limited to 30 teams. Entries will be awarded in the order in which registration forms are received.

Working Orders will be randomly drawn for the 1st Day of Mine Rescue, First-Aid, Bench, and Pre-Shift contests. The 2nd Day of Mine Rescue working orders will be the reverse order of the 1st Day MR competition. (Example: Team drawn to compete 1st on Wed, June 6th will compete Last on Thursday, June 7th). Teams only competing in one MR completion on Wed, June 6th, will be bi-passed for the June 7th working order.

If conflicting times are drawn for individuals competing in more than one competition on Tuesday, June 5th, adjustments to the working orders for that individual will be made at the discretion of the Post.

Important Notice:

Please make your hotel reservations A.S.A.P.

Hotel rooms are limited due to increased oil & gas well drilling within the area.

Click here to view local hotels